Guide and ‘How to’ for our traditional plastic free bamboo double edge safety razor.

Guide and ‘How to’ for our traditional plastic free bamboo double edge safety razor.


As you’ve probably guessed from the website’s name ‘’, we stock these razors because they are plastic free. It fits with our mission to be as zero waste as possible - with simple swaps that won’t dramatically alter your lifestyle and bathroom routine.

This particular razor with the stainless steel head and bamboo wooden handle, is a practical and easy to use razor. Plus, it looks a lot more stylish in your bathroom than a plastic disposable razor! The simplicity and lack of any moving parts means there’s nothing to break. This razor could very well last a lifetime. The bamboo handle is the perfect material because of it’s naturally antibacterial properties. The bamboo grain only improves with use, going a darker and richer colour over time.

Using the bamboo double edge safety razor.

There’s nothing quite like a traditional wet shave to get a smooth, close and satisfying shave. For a great shaving experience this razor, hot water and our shaving soap bar (from Friendly Soap) is the perfect combination. The lavender and tea tree oil shaving soap will lubricate the skin. You can apply the soap straight to your skin and by lathering up in your hands. There’s no need for a shaving brush. Then, shave as normal - as you would with any other disposable razor. You should go slightly more carefully the first time you use your double edge safety razor until you get used to the blade and safety head against your skin. It doesn’t take long to get used to your new razor though and it’s the same wet shaving technique you’re probably already used to.

How to add or replace the razor blade.

Firstly, and pretty obviously, the razor blades are very sharp so do be careful.

The safety razor head has a top and bottom section, sandwiching the razor blade securely in place.

razor exploded image

Simply turn the razor upside down (razor head down) and unscrew the handle from the head. The razor head’s bottom section then lifts off to reveal the blade. Carefully swap out the blade for a new one (it doesn’t matter which way up you put the blade). The blades have holes that match up with the guides (prongs) in the head’s top section. Once the new blade is in place, put the bottom section back on and screw onto the bamboo handle. The whole process takes less than a minute. Watch a quick demo below:

It’s true that you do need to replace the razor blade when it’s blunt and dispose of it safely. The good news is the blade is metal - so no plastic used and thrown away.

Instead of subscribing to a company that will send you plastic handled razors and disposable, plastic blade cartridges.... Go plastic free with our eco-friendly shaving kit using the links below:


Razor blades

Shaving Soap

Shaving kit

Your shave just got even more satisfying!

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